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  • Do better, American Eagle Outfitters. </Rant> (3/3) 6 hours ago
  • Tweeps who have met me IRL: would you guess XL is my size? No wonder women, particularly young girls, have issues with body image! (2/3) 6 hours ago
  • Hafta bitch about something. I just bought these sweatpants. They fit perfectly. Check the size. (1/3) 6 hours ago
  • Watched the @GlenCampbell doc “I’ll Be Me” on @CNN last night. Beautiful portrait of an artist’s experience with Alzheimer’s. What a voice. 7 hours ago
  • Beautiful piece. @BillMoyersHQ: “Obama’s Grace” by @JamesFallows #WorthReading /BM 1 day ago

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