Where did you get the idea for the Underbelly Chronicles?

Believe it or not, while watching Motley Crue. As all these middle-aged women flashed their boobs at drummer Tommy Lee, I remember thinking, “He must be half-incubus or something.” The next morning, I woke up early, drove to my favorite coffee shop, and started building the Underbelly Chronicles world.       

What’s your writing routine like?

I write seven days a week, first thing in the morning, for two to three hours. I squeeze in other writing activities – copy editing, reviewing page proofs, updating my web site, responding to business and fan mail, critiquing or contest judging, social networking, reading and responding to blogs – at spare moments throughout the day, or during the weekend. I don’t work evenings. That’s family time, and I need at least a couple of hours per day where I’m not looking at a glowing computer screen!    

Where do you blog?

I blog about once a month at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. I blog here at my website as the spirit takes me – if you can call posting what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, some occasional links I find interesting, and funny/though-provoking videos “blogging.” Which I totally do.   

Why do you release books so infrequently?

Because I’m a slow writer, and I’m also a perfectionist. I would prefer to release fewer books at a quality level I’m happy with, than release more frequently and disappoint both readers and myself. I also have a career, family commitments, and chronic health issues, and I’ve learned the hard way that I have to take work/life balance seriously. If I’m burned out, I’m no good to anyone.

So, how can I contact you?

You can occasionally find me on Goodreads and Facebook, but I’m most active on Twitter @tamarahogan1. You can also email me using the “Contact Me” link at my website. I love hearing from readers, and I promise to respond!


What else would you like to know? Contact me!