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"The Beginner's Guide to Starting Your Novel"

Zoom With Us!  Tammy’s popular genre fiction-writing class will be offered by The Loft Literary Center during their Summer 2024 term.  

Do you have a ‘novel’ idea, but aren’t quite sure what to do next? In this high-practicality, no-pressure class, learn how to use essential fiction craft elements such as character, setting, plot, and structure to discover your story, establish a starting point, and help get the right words on the page.

Students say:

“I learned so much that in retrospect I feel foolish thinking I could just “write a book” without any instruction.”

“…a warm, safe environment where I felt comfortable sharing and learning even though I had just begun my writing journey.”

“I got so much more usable and concrete ideas and strategies out of it than a lot of my semester-long MFA courses.”


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An Interview with Tamara

I recently did an interview with The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, MN, where I teach adult creative writing workshops. Learn more about my professional background, my teaching style, and my love of genre fiction!

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