Interviews and Other Online Appearances

1/22/12: Vegas rules, right? Tammy LOATHES writing first drafts!  


12/9/11: My friends and family are bored, bored, bored! Do you have any easy appetizer recipes

11/19/11:  Attitudes of gratitude at CasaBabes.

11/4/11:  Let’s sing the praises of coffee shops at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood! 

10/18/11: Tammy’s spooky Home Alone experience at CasaBabes.

10/7/11:  Tammy supplies Tips for Finaling in the Golden Heart Paranormal category at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.    

9/13/11:  Tammy wonders, “Why do we love the music we do?”  

9/7/11:   Tammy demonstrates her approach to writing in deep third person point of view. 

7/25/11:  What’s Tammy reading right now?

7/9/11:   Tammy talks about getting The Call – or rather The Email – at CasaBabes.

6/23/11:  Tammy talks about writers, Myers-Briggs and An Introvert’s Guide to RWA National.

6/4/11:    This month at CasaBabes, the topic is “fascinating women.” Tammy’s choice? Tina Fey.

5/16/11:   Tammy talks about confidence, self-esteem and productivity

4/26/11:  Tammy talks about procrastination vs. prioritizing at CasaBabes.

3/31/11: Tammy is interviewed at Fang-tastic Books.

3/29/11:  Tammy talks world-building at Literary Escapism.

3/27/11:  Tammy reveals her decadent indulgence at CasaBabes.

3/25/11:  Tammy gives away books at Bite Club!

3/24/11:  Tammy is interviewed at Sizzling Hot Books.

3/22/11:  Tammy talks with fellow author Suzanne Johnson at Preternatura.

3/21/11:  Tammy talks about writing urban fantasy romance at Star-Crossed Romance.

3/20/11:   Sara Taney Humphries reviews TASTE ME in her Romance Round-up #3! 

3/17/11: Tammy talks about world-building at Night Owl Reviews.

3/15/11: Tammy talks with her Midwest Fiction Writers chaptermate, 2010 Golden Heart winner Cat Schield, at Get Lost in a Story.

3/14/11: Tammy is interviewed at The Qwillery.

3/11/11: Tammy is interviewed at Over the Edge Book Reviews.

3/9/11: Tammy talks about writing teachers – erm, her favorite authors – at Fresh Fiction.

3/8/11: Tammy is interviewed at Anna’s Book Blog.

3/7/11: Eloisa James (yes, that Eloisa James!) talks about hardheaded characters – including TASTE ME’s Lukas and Scarlett! – at Barnes &

3/7/11:  Tammy talks about her first sale at Dear Author.

3/3/11:   Tammy talks about TASTE ME at Borders True Romance.

3/3/11:  Tammy is interviewed at Wendy’s Minding Spot.

3/1/11:  Tammy celebrates both TASTE ME’s release day and her <mumble mumble>th birthday at CasaBabes.

3/1/11:  Release day! Tammy’s interviewed by pal and fellow debut author Darynda Jones at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

2/22/11: Tammy blogs about first kisses at CasaBabes. read an excerpt of TASTE ME!

2/7/11: Write What You Know? – What the hell does that mean?

2/3/11: Tammy talks about her love of prologues at CasaBabes.

1/7/11: Writers as Readers – which factors convince YOU to read a book? How do you find out about new books as they’re published? Weigh in at The Ruby Slippereed Sisterhood.


12/27/10: Tammy blogs on The End of 2010 at the CasaBlog.

12/6/10: Tammy interviews fellow Ruby Slippered Sister Vivi Andrewsl!

11/27/10: Easy and time-saving Thanksgiving Recipes at the CasaBlog!

10/27/10: Are you superstitious? Do you dislike black cats? (Tammy doesn’t). Weigh in at CasaBabes.

10/25/10: Tammy interviews Midwest Fiction Writers chaptermate and debut author Alison Henderson!

10/2/10: Tammy blogs about the supernatural at CasaBabes.

9/12/10:  Tammy’s first blog with the CasaBabes, the authors at Sourcebooks Casablanca, is about the abundance of the fall harvest. Come and meet Mr. Carrot!  

8/25/2010: Tammy blogged about digital overload at the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. And TASTE ME copy edits have been turned in!

5/20/2010:  Tammy and her critique partner, Brenda Whiteside, discuss their critique relationship at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

4/20/2010:  Tammy blogs on Sisters Who Sold: Our Cluestick Moments at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

3/22/2010: Tammy blogs on the 2010 Golden Heart Contest at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

2/1/2010:  Tammy blogs on Writing Through Fear at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.


12/30/2009:  Tammy blogs on Writing Three-Dimensional Villains at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

11/24/2009:  Tammy blogs on Music and the Muse at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

9/30/2009:  Tammy blogs about her Top Ten Golden Heart Do’s and Don’ts at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood.

9/21/09:  The Golden Heart Class of 2009 launched its group blog today.  Join the party at!