Fabulous CHASE ME Review from Publisher’s Weekly!

Posted Apr 2 2012, 2:10 pm

” This adept follow-up to 2011’s Taste Me layers intrigue and depth onto the story of a mixed group of paranormals stranded on Earth after their ship crash-landed in the woods of northern Minnesota. Many years after the crash, Valkyrie Lorin Schlessinger leads an archeological team searching for remnants of the ship. When an important discovery trips a homing beacon, Lorin inadvertently attracts the unwanted attention of a malevolent vampire who’s an interstellar treasure hunter, and ends up with a new dig supervisor, werewolf geologist Gabe Lupinsky. Alternating between the bed-hopping, hard-drinking, overworked crew of paranormal student volunteers on the dig site and the uptight, sometimes backstabbing politicos on the Underworld Council, Hogan’s sharp, funny dialogue and strong but subtle character development elevate both the story and the fierce chemistry between insecure, bespectacled Gabe and lusty, aggressive Lorin. Paranormal fans will enjoy this fresh take on the genre. (June)”
What I’m reading: “Angels’ Flight” by Nalini Singh
What I’m listening to: “Bridges Burning” by Foo Fighters

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