Where did you get the idea for the Underbelly Chronicles?

Believe it or not, while watching Motley Crue. As all these middle-aged women flashed their boobs at drummer Tommy Lee, I remember thinking, “He must be half-incubus or something.” The next morning, I woke up early, drove to my favorite coffee shop, and started building the Underbelly Chronicles world.       

What’s your writing routine like?

I write seven days a week, first thing in the morning, for two to three hours. I squeeze in other writing activities – copy editing, reviewing page proofs, updating my web site, responding to business and fan mail, critiquing or contest judging, social networking, reading and responding to blogs – at spare moments throughout the day, or during the weekend. I don’t work evenings. That’s family time, and I need at least a couple of hours per day where I’m not looking at a glowing computer screen!    

Where do you blog?

I blog about once a month at The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. I blog here at my website as the spirit takes me – if you can call posting what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, some occasional links I find interesting, and funny/though-provoking videos “blogging.” Which I totally do.   

Why do you release books so infrequently?

Because I’m a slow writer, and I’m also a perfectionist. I would prefer to release fewer books at a quality level I’m happy with, than release more frequently and disappoint both readers and myself. I also have a career, family commitments, and chronic health issues, and I’ve learned the hard way that I have to take work/life balance seriously. If I’m burned out, I’m no good to anyone.

Why did so much time elapse between the release of TEMPT ME (Oct. 2013) and ENTHRALL ME (Oct. 2017)?

After the release of TEMPT ME, I made a business decision to not publish additional books until the publishing rights for the first two Underbelly Chronicles books, TASTE ME and CHASE ME, reverted from my former publisher back to me. The waiting period was quite painful, but worth it: I now have full rights to every book in the Underbelly Chronicles, and I re-issued the full series, lightly edited and with new covers, earlier this year.  

So, how can I contact you?

You can occasionally find me on Goodreads and Facebook, but I’m most active on Twitter @tamarahogan1. You can also email me using the “Contact Me” link at my website. I love hearing from readers, and I promise to respond!


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