Pissy About Promo

Posted Jun 27 2012, 4:29 pm

Today, at Everybody Needs a Little Romance, my Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blogmate Liz Talley summons the gonads to say (or at least write) what so many writers feel.  An excerpt:

I’m tired of promo. There. I said it.

I’m tired of trying to find ways to slip my book into an online conversation. I’m tired of trying to be witty on Twitter and butting my big nose into someone elses’ conversation (and being ignored). I’m tired of posting links to my books, give aways, etc on FB. And I’m really, really tired of everytime I check my email, having someone ask me to an online book launch…or to comment on their blog….or to like their page. I know, I know. We all do it. But, by jimney, I don’t have to like it. But here’s the ol’ rub…I feel like if I don’t spend X amount of time online hawking, participating, and, yes, even blogging that I won’t be doing my job. And, really, is that my job?

I guess it is, but I sure as H-E-double hockey sticks never wanted it.

I wanted to be a writer.


Not a publicist. Not a cover designer. An editor. A marketing executive. A bookmark maker. A clever, witty online personality who leads the multitudes to her fabulous, witty Southern romance books.

I mean, really? Really?


Sing it, Liz. Keep going to your kids’ ballgames. Keep having a life. Love you, girl…  XXOO

That said, I LOVE getting email from readers, and spending time with readers and other writers at blogs! (Makes sense. I guess that’s writing, too!) 

A special welcome today to visitors from My Book Addiction and More, who’s hosting me and two of my Sourcebooks Casablanca labelmates, Jayne Fresina and Joanne Kennedy.  Giveaways! Giveaways! 



4 responses to “Pissy About Promo”

  1. Diane says:

    I know how your fellow author feels but at the same time it gives us readers a little info about books that we never would otherwise try. It’s hard or should I say impossible to buy every single book out there so we rely on authors blogs, on reviewers blogs and on recommendations from our friends and other authors. A writer’s job is not simple and does involve more than just writing the book, promoting it is a big part!

  2. Tamara Hogan says:

    Hi Diane – Authors LOVE to connect with readers. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. But I think the issue that Liz alludes to, and the part that so many authors find so frustrating, is that because we all tend to hang out at the same online places, following each other on Twitter, Liking each other on Facebook, belonging to multiple publisher or writing Yahoo groups, we see each other’s promo in multiple places, multiple times a day. Over and over again. Repeatedly. Ad nauseum. Lather, rinse, repeat, to infinity and beyond. We see so much of it that after awhile it all turns into hissing static.

    But…contact with a reader? Like you, here? Thank you, m’dear, you made my day. 😉

  3. Diane says:

    I try!!!
    But I’m always glad to blog with favorite authors!

  4. Marie says:

    Hi, Tamara
    I am getting ready to download Chase Me..it looks really fabulous and I am glad to meet you.

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