Romance Writers of America Conference! #RWA12

Posted Jul 21 2012, 6:44 pm

Yes, I’ll be at the big shindig! Look for me:

  • At the Kiss of Death chapter’s LAPD tour!
  • Having lunch with Nalini Singh! **squee!** at a super-secret location
  • At Table 900 at the Book Signing for Literacy!
  • At The Gathering! Wish me luck – TASTE ME is nominated for a Prism Award in the Dark Paranormal category.
  • At The Daphne Awards & the Death By Chocolate Reception!
  • Cruising PCH in a big-ass black limousine with other Sourcebooks authors!
  • Presenting my workshop, “Superbad: How Unleashing Your Villain Can Unlock Your Story”  – NOT RECORDED!!!
  • Attending the Gala Golden Heart and Rita Awards ceremony!

I’m currently reading: “The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine” by Jayne Fresina

I’m listening to: “Nirvana” by Adam Lambert


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