“Touch Me” – $0.99 on Kindle!

Posted Jun 18 2013, 4:22 pm



Pop the bubbly! Touch Me, an Underbelly Chronicles prequel novella, has been released! 

The novella is available exclusively for Kindle users until Sept. 18, when it will be made available in other e-book formats. (Buy link)

Touch Me is the story of what REALLY happened between Bailey Brown and Rafe Sebastiani the night of Scarlett Fontaine’s concert, which took place in Underbelly Chronicles Book One, Taste Me.

Bailey and Rafe’s full-length book, Tempt Me, will release in Fall 2013. 

So in the meantime, enjoy Touch Me!




Mere hours after human technology whiz Bailey Brown learns the truth about her Sebastiani Security co-workers—not only are they all vampires, incubi, succubi, sirens, faeries, Valkyrie, and werewolves, but their ancestors were aliens!—she’s thrown into an undercover operation protecting a siren singer at Underbelly, one of Minneapolis’s premier nightclubs. With pheromones saturating the air like sweet chloroform, starving for touch, and her inhibitions fading fast, Bailey has to avoid Rafe Sebastiani, her boss’s gorgeous sex demon of a brother, at all costs…

 Because only his touch will do.      



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